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Анчартед: На картах не значится

Анчартед: На картах не значится


DVD  •  Февраль 10, 2022  •  1h 56m  •  PG-13  •  Бюджет $120M  •  Сборы $401,748,820
488 голоса
204457 голоса
# 17170
Экшн, Приключения
Нейтан Дрейк и Виктор «Салли» Салливан, два искателя приключений, отправляются на поиски величайшего сокровища мира. Кроме того, они надеются найти улики, которые приведут ... More
  • Final Trailer
  • Official Trailer 2
  • Official Trailer
  • Tom Holland Makes a Me...
  • Tom Holland and ‘Unc...
  • Q&A With Tom and Mark
  • Striking Gold with Rub...
  • Cargo Plane Behind-The...
  • Celebrating AAPI Herit...
  • Charting the Course
  • Buddy System
  • This or That
  • Deleted Scene - Meet S...
  • Sketch Marks the Spot
  • Special Features - Car...
  • The Race is On
  • Hidden Gems
  • Special Features - Kar...
  • Special Features - Piz...
  • Clip - Sully Fights Br...
  • Special Features - Vil...
  • Clip - Stealing The Cr...
  • Special Features - Che...
  • Special Features - Stu...
  • Special Features - Beh...
  • Easter Eggs
  • Special Features - Fin...
  • A Day in the Life with...
  • Deleted Scene - Museum
  • Special Features - The...
  • First 10 Minutes
  • Would You Rather with ...
  • Travel Vlog - Paris
  • Clip - Crucifixation
  • Clip - One Rule
  • Clip - H20MG
  • Becoming Nathan Drake
  • Fan Screening
  • Creator To Creator | C...
  • Travel Vlog - Rome
  • Bromance
  • Travel Vlog - Spain
  • Nailing It
  • Clip - Bartenderizer
  • From Game to Movie wit...
  • Sports Fans
  • Travel Vlog - London
  • Friendly Competition
  • FOMO | Get Tickets Now
  • A Day of Stunts with T...
  • Behind-The-Stunts
  • Exclusive Scene - Plan...
  • Behind-The-Scenes
Анчартед: На картах не значится | Final Trailer
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Другие названия: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, アンチャーテッド
Под Жанры: duringcreditsstinger, based on video game, lost treasure, action hero, treasure map, lighter, hero, island, treasure hunt, treasure, missing relative
Премьера: Theatre 02/10/2022, Theatre US 02/18/2022, Digital 04/26/2022, DVD 05/09/2022
Язык: EN
Сборы: $148,648,820 (Дома) + $253,100,000 (Зарубеж) = $401,748,820 (Всего)
Тип: Фильм
В планах посмотреть
797 (27.2%)
Я это видел
2,116 (72.1%)
20 (0.7%)
14 Reactions
12 Reviews
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2 Memos
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English only please.  Home rules.

A seeable movie but maybe not so deep. A bit unsuited comic relief sometimes to not take it too seriously. An utterly ordinary action-comedy, you could say.

However, considering the uncharted games, I had hoped for more adventure movies than it is. But I think I read somewhere the film wouldn't be connected to any games. But they have planned the film since the first game came out.

So maybe the expectations were more significant. I wish it had been a more adventurous movie. But on the other hand, the movie is made, so you don't need to have played the games. Maybe that's the... read more

Was this review helpful to you?
February 19, 2022 - by BeardedMovieNut

I'm one of those guys that loves the Uncharted games, and I was really excited when I heard about this movie. Then the cast and director were announced and...well...let's say my expectations weren't all that high when I sat down in my seat.

I ended up being a little surprised. Sure...the CGI is not really up to par, and there were, of course, some things I wanted to see, but didn't, but all in all, I came out at the end pretty satisfied.

A live action version of any video game will have to be quite different from the source material, and that makes the job for the writers and... read more

Was this review helpful to you?

A thoroughly entertaining movie favouring style over substance, a quintessential popcorn movie. An enjoyable treasure hunt à la Tomb Raider with a high-tempo, linear plot and plenty of action keeps the viewer engaged, despite a complete plausibility failure which grew to a crescendo at the conclusion.

For game aficionados, it may well be a disappointment, but on its own terms it is successful and liberally litters Easter eggs throughout; my favourite is a cameo from voice actor Nolan North. The opening is the best scene, so good they used it twice, but there are many other read more

Was this review helpful to you?
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Akoram Akoram 5
The beginnings of Nathan Drake…

Топ Кинокасса Уикенд
1. Чёрная Пантера 2 $17.6M
2. Violent Night $13.3M
3. Странный мир $4.9M
4. Меню $3.6M
5. Преданность $2.8M
November 2 - 4

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