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Genesis VIP
Check out on OpenSea Get started What is Simkl? Simkl is a TV, Anime & growing Movie tracking platform with 2+ million members. It provides discovery of what to watch next and has an open API for developers to integrate the service into any app. Track every episode, show, movie you watched Scrobble automatically all of your Shows and Movies you're watching from all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them. Works with many services, media players, and servers, including Plex, Kodi, Emby, Jellyfin, VLC, Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc… Receive notifications when new episodes and movies are releasedSimkl can send notifications directly to your Email, Desktop (Chrome, Firefox Browser notifications), iOS & Android devices. Automatic what to want next listEasy to find what you need to watch next, what episodes you missed. Personalized TV and movie calendars. Always know when the next show, season or episode is out or when a new movie is released in theaters or on DVD. Browse your calendar based on your watch history. Catalog of all shows and moviesSee a complete catalog of 120K+ TV shows, 12K+ Anime, and 640K+ movies sorted and filters that help you find recommendations on what to watch. Apps for all platformsDiscover new shows and movies, mark as watched from the website and mobile apps. Simkl has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and also has multiple Chrome extensions. Follow friends and find new onesEasily create social connections that engage your friends and followers and showcase your reviews and what you like to watch.
Why people like using Simkl
Carlos Ferreira
Member since 2018
Clean interface, accurate information. No clutter and excelent to browse and update. The api is really a work of art, giving all information that you will ever need. The core/development team are aproachable right from the start and it makes creating applications very easy, creating your own access for your own app. Excelent community that will back you up as you need help, fixes on the information and more.
Member since 2018
This is exactly what I have been looking out for the better part of the last 6 years. Keep it up, guys!
Randy Hoopes
Member since 2018
Absolutely my favorite new app. Been long time user of frustrating trakt and sick of their attitudes and constant bugs I’m all in with these guys.
Nate Ruback
Member since 2018
Good community, great service and expanding features based off the community to get what they want as well! 10/10 recommend!
Member since 2018
Real cool app that can hold all three categories movies/anime/tv shows in the same place with useful features and nice UI.
Member since 2017
There just so much I like about it. Airing next and that I can see important things on my profile. I love that I easily can see what my friends have rated something. Easily getting reminded what I want to watch, and what I'm watching. It's just great! Good job, IMO :)
Member since 2017
I've been wanting a place that will keep track of what I've seen and tell me when new episodes are out instead of me doing all the work
Jeffrey Smith
Member since 2017
Very happy with the automated tracking (integration with Netflix, Plex), and with the pretty exhaustive catalog (it's rare when someone mentions a film or program that I can't find it in SIMKL and add to 'plan to watch' category). So, given the ease of use, I feel it's reasonably approachable to a non-tech audience.
Member since 2018
Because its the best movie, tv and anime tracking service
Member since 2018
Has everything I want...but most of all SIMKL is constantly trying to better the site / app for its users. No one will ever have everything for everyone all of the time, but this site definitely tries!
Member since 2015
The SIMKL website and iPhone App is very useful. I love to use it for checking/tracking my favorite TV shows and movies.
Member since 2020
Best integration of import/export features, apps among other diverse support. have a Discord, appear to listen to feedback, and responsive to suggestion implementation. best website design and layout, like the neutral tonality, the daily change in movie/show/anime backgrounds. The library and update choices, the handy episodes section on a show or anime page, being able to mark entire seasons, rate individual episodes. links to different websites. hope more website ratings are added along with IMDb and MAL. began to use it recently and already know it's my favorite for all the rich features.
GamePhreak Trip (TripWyre79)
Member since 2017
Love the options to auto alert me whenever one of my new shows releases a new episode, as I'm always so busy with work, it can easily slip my mind.
Member since 2020
I love being able to keep track of everything that's been recommended to me. Since I stream everything I watch and don't keep to the broadcast schedule, I sometimes need to be reminded of what I need to catch up on. The site is packed with features, with a good user design that's easy to navigate. And I'm grateful for your high-contrast white-on-black type. Very helpful for the eyes
Member since 2019
I really liked my experience on Simkl. I know the Simkl developers for 2 years. They’re always open to new suggestions. They are so friendly and so resourceful. I love them a lot so I want to stay on their site.
Mike Walker
Member since 2021
Integration into Netflix to automatically mark what you've seen in addition to SIMKL search. Track both shows and movies, get notifications of when shows are about to air and when movies are released in theatres and on DVD.
Member since 2021
Letterboxd doesn't do TV. Simkl does TV better than anyone else. For notifications, it's spot-on in letting you know which shows you like are coming back on TV.
Member since 2021
Highly configurable, and very active development.
Member since 2016
I've been using SIMKL for years, and I can say without any hesitation that SIMKL is the best and easiest tracking website. Easy to look for new shows or movies to watch or anime, you can easily see what you've already watched or what you are planning to watch, and you can track how far you currently are. Gives notifications in your email if you enable it, and you can link it to your calendar for an easy look to see what will come next. I would recommend this 10/10!
Member since 2021
Better than trakt, nicer interface, a lot of development and care, anime is separated. Overall great!
Sarah S
Member since 2022
There is no other comprehensive, easy to use, value-priced app...across devices and platforms. with discord, API and integrations.
Daniel Wood
Member since 2022
Coming over from for two main reasons: The ability to add memos to media watched, and the lifetime membership option! Thanks for the excellent work so far!
Member since 2022
Very clean UI, and quick staff support. I honestly wanted a tracking website that should have features according to my needs which other tracking site failed to do so. BUT SIMKL has it all. I am really impressed and shocked!
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