Marvel's Daredevil
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2019 - Сейчас  •  Воскресенье 11:00 мск. на Paramount+  •  27 часов  •  3 seasons  •  36 Серий
105 голоса
27182 голоса
# 2655
Драма, Криминал, Тревожное, Ужасы, Мистика, Триллер
Зло - это психологическая тайна, которая исследует происхождение зла на границе между наукой и религией. Сериал посвящен скептически настроенной женщине-психологу, ... More
  Последняя вышедшая серия
The Demon of the End Вышла 08/14/2022
The Demon of the End
Сезон 3: Серия 10
Зло | Evil On CBS | First Look
Сезон 1 2 3
Сезон 1
S01 E01
Genesis 1
S01 E02
177 Minutes
S01 E03
3 Stars
S01 E04
S01 E05
October 31
S01 E06
Let x = 9
S01 E07
Vatican III
S01 E08
2 Fathers
S01 E09
Exorcism Part 2
S01 E10
7 Swans a Singin'
S01 E11
Room 320
S01 E12
Justice x 2
S01 E13
Book 27
Сезон 2
S02 E01
N Is for Night Terrors
S02 E02
A Is for Angel
S02 E03
F Is for Fire
S02 E04
E Is for Elevator
S02 E05
Z Is for Zombies
S02 E06
C Is for Cop
S02 E07
S Is for Silence
S02 E08
B Is for Brain
S02 E09
U Is for U.F.O.
S02 E10
O Is for Ovaphobia
S02 E11
I Is for IRS
S02 E12
D Is for Doll
S02 E13
C Is for Cannibal
Сезон 3
S03 E01
The Demon of Death
S03 E02
The Demon of Memes
S03 E03
The Demon of Sex
S03 E04
The Demon of the Road
S03 E05
The Angel of Warning
S03 E06
The Demon of Algorithms
S03 E07
The Demon of Cults
S03 E08
The Demon of Parenthood
S03 E09
The Demon of Money
S03 E10
The Demon of the End
Серия 1
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 101: Genesis 1
Серия 2
Take a Closer Look At George, The Demon
Серия 3
Why Are Nightmares Contagious?
Серия 4
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 102: 177 Minutes
Серия 5
Explore the Dark Side of Bad Bosses and Technology
Серия 6
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 103: 3 Stars
Серия 7
Killer Kids and Gaming Predators
Серия 8
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 104: Rose 390
Серия 9
All About the Halloween Episode
Серия 10
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 105: October 31
Серия 11
The Voice of God and Kristen's Kitchen Knife
Серия 12
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 106: Let X = 9
Серия 13
Investigate This Demon-Possessed Whodunit
Серия 14
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 107: Vatican III
Серия 15
David's Dad Drama and That Terrifying Cornfield Birth
Серия 16
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 108: 2 Fathers
Серия 17
An Exorcism On Trial and No Glory for Gunmen
Серия 18
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 109: Exorcism Part 2
Серия 19
A Song You Don't Want Stuck in Your Head
Серия 20
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 110: 7 Swans A Singin'
Серия 21
How a Real Experience Inspired David's Hellish Hospital Visit
Серия 22
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 111: Room 320
Серия 23
A Terrifying Situation Inspired By History
Серия 24
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 112: Justice x 2
Серия 25
About That Season 1 Cliffhanger...
Серия 26
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 113: Book 27
Серия 27
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 207: S is for Silence
Серия 28
Silence is Golden
Серия 29
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 208: B is for Brain
Серия 30
Visions from God or Waking Nightmares
Серия 31
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 209: U is for U.F.O.
Серия 32
U.F.O.s and Goats for Dinner
Серия 33
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 210: O is for Ovaphobia
Серия 34
The Scariest Sequence of the Season
Серия 35
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 211: I is for IRS
Серия 36
Blood and Guts
Серия 37
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 212: D is for Doll
Серия 38
Playing With Dolls
Серия 39
A Look Inside Evil - Episode 213: C is for Cannibal
Серия 40
No More Will They Or Won't They
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An intriguing premise, producing a worldview collision of science, psychology and skepticism with the supernatural, religious symbolism and nightmares. It dances along this domain border, exploring both the differences and the boundary blur.

Katja Herbers plays a pragmatic psychologist alongside a troubled, yet devout priest (Mike Colter). Each is excellent, but their bewitching chemistry drives the show, a mutual attraction entwined with the tension in perspective. Naturally Michael Emerson is fabulous as an ambiguous, menacing and unpredictable antagonist.

Evil takes risks by... read more

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