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Стань пользователем
Unus Annus

Unus Annus

2019 - 2020  •  YouTube  •  73 часов  •  1 season  •  367 Серий
17 голоса
1125 голоса
# 24
Комедия, Тревожное
What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?

Welcome to Unus ... More
  Последняя вышедшая серия
Goodbye. Вышла 11/13/2020
Сезон 1: Серия 367
  Следующая серия
367 серий всего
Unus Annus | Game Theory: The Hidden Code of Unus Annus (Markiplier & CrankGamePlays)
Сезон 1
S01 E01
Unus Annus
S01 E02
Cooking with Sex Toys
S01 E03
Purging Our Sins with a Neti Pot
S01 E04
Hot Dog’d to Death
S01 E05
Making Our Own Sensory Deprivation Tank
S01 E06
The Good Kind of Cupping :)
S01 E07
The Bad Kind of Cupping :|
S01 E08
The Worst Kind of Cupping D:
S01 E09
Ethan Will Be Kicked in the Balls
S01 E10
Doing Each Other's Makeup in the Dark
S01 E11
Baby Hands Operation
S01 E12
Mark and Ethan Summon a Ghost
S01 E13
2 Truths and 1 Lie -- Waxing Edition
S01 E14
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (a slime surprise...)
S01 E15
Play-Doh Thanksgiving
S01 E16
Helium Therapy
S01 E17
Drawing Memes from Memory
S01 E18
1 Man 100 Accents
S01 E19
An A.I. Predicts How We're Going to Die
S01 E20
Mark Turns Ethan into a Mummy to Prepare Him for the Great Beyond
S01 E21
The Chubby Gummy Challenge
S01 E22
We Buy a Professional Hypnosis Video and React To It
S01 E23
Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room
S01 E24
Ethan Destroys Mark's Van with a Bat
S01 E25
There's Still Hope...
S01 E26
Ethan Gives Mark a Viking Funeral
S01 E27
The Great Meat Mistake
S01 E28
Acupuncture Is NOT Painful
S01 E29
Floating in a Real Sensory Deprivation Tank
S01 E30
Mark Reviews The Impossible Burger But There’s a Looming Sense of Impen...
S01 E31
We Made Nude Paintings of Eachother
S01 E32
You Made Beautiful Music for The Barrel... But Only One Could Win
S01 E33
We Had To Drink Each Other’s Pee
S01 E34
Ethan Explores Mark's Haunted Basement
S01 E35
Giving Away Our 1,000,000 Subscriber Gold Play Button
S01 E36
Ethan’s Relaxing and Totally Normal Nail Salon ????????
S01 E37
Taped and Afraid
S01 E38
What Was The Most Painful Thing We've Ever Endured?
S01 E39
Donating Toys to Charity w/ JackSepticEye
S01 E40
Harnessing Our Dogs' Unlimited Energy
S01 E41
Santa's Mukbang (Drinking 1 Gallon of Eggnog)
S01 E42
Forcibly Turning Mark Into Santa Claus Against His Will
S01 E43
Preserving Ourselves In Wax
S01 E44
Beating Inanimate Objects to Death
S01 E45
Emotional Pain vs Physical Pain... Which is Worse?
S01 E46
Duct Tape Crucifixion (Amy, Please Don't Watch This Video)
S01 E47
You Blink You Lose
S01 E48
2 Grown Men Attempt the Presidential Fitness Test
S01 E49
We Took The Polar Plunge
S01 E50
Hiding Our Sins from Amy's Holy Peepers
S01 E51
We Eat Bugs
S01 E52
DIY Bungee Jump (please don't try this)
S01 E53
We Have The BEST Thumbnails on YouTube and No One Can Tell Us Otherwise
S01 E54
Who Can Make Themselves Taller?
S01 E55
The Sensory Overload Tank
S01 E56
Recreating Ourselves as a Cursed Mannequin
S01 E57
We Took an IQ Test
S01 E58
Ethan Finally Becomes a MAN
S01 E59
Mark and Ethan Go Casket Shopping
S01 E60
We Take a Lie Detector Test to Uncover Our Darkest Sins
S01 E61
Learning to Breathe Underwater
S01 E62
Fixing Mark's Hole with Ramen but Every Time We Add Glue We Get 5% Closer...
S01 E63
Mark Steals Ethan’s Face
S01 E64
You Breathe You Die
S01 E65
2 Absolute Beginners Experience the Dancing Glory that is Salsa
S01 E66
DIY Geriatric Simulator
S01 E67
This Is How We'll Die...
S01 E68
We Cryogenically Freeze Ourselves
S01 E69
This is What Being Tased Feels Like
S01 E70
What Happens When A Youtube Channel Dies?
S01 E71
Bad Bad Beans
S01 E72
We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams
S01 E73
We Turned Our Bodies Into Art
S01 E74
Mark and Ethan Learn About The Human Body
S01 E75
Mark Punishes Ethan
S01 E76
Strange (and legal) Things You Can Do With Your Body After Death
S01 E77
DIY Cheese
S01 E78
Hacking The Very Fabric of the Universe
S01 E79
Looking at Long Lost Memes
S01 E80
Discovering the Secret to Eternal Life
S01 E81
Turning Mark Into an E-boy
S01 E82
Ethan Redefines Male Beauty
S01 E83
Professional Fire Cupping (Going Even Further Beyond)
S01 E84
An Extremely Sour, Not-at-all Sour Meal
S01 E85
Literally Eating Fire
S01 E86
Unregulated Axe Throwing
S01 E87
Literally Laying On Literal Broken Glass
S01 E88
Making an Indoor Tornado to Flex on Mother Nature
S01 E89
Nutball:The Most Dangerous Game
S01 E90
Becoming a Master of Mime
S01 E91
Discussing the Idea of Murdering Each Other but It's Just a Joke and Defi...
S01 E92
Are We Already Dead?
S01 E93
Our Perfect (and last) Valentine's Day
S01 E94
Drunk College Party Simulator
S01 E95
10 Strange Amazon Products Ethan Bought Mark Because He Doesn't Know How ...
S01 E96
Chickens Teach Us About Life and Death
S01 E97
3 Big Boys Attempt the King's Royal Fitness Test
S01 E98
Being Attacked by a Fully Trained Bodyguard Dog
S01 E99
Learning the Ancient Art of Chinese Archery
S01 E100
The Ultimate Trolley Problem
S01 E101
Goat Yoga
S01 E102
Edible Slime was a Mistake.
S01 E103
Granting Access Into Heaven's Sweet Gates
S01 E104
Long Hair, Do We Dare?
S01 E105
We Wrote a Hit Pop Song in 30 Minutes
S01 E106
Mark and Ethan Go on a "Drum Date"
S01 E107
Blowing Our Souls Into Some Hot Glass
S01 E108
Top 10 Worst Things Your Friend Could Possibly Spend Their Money On
S01 E109
Nutball Extreme: Taser Edition
S01 E110
REAL Ghost Hunting at an Abandoned Zoo
S01 E111
We Bought a Camera That Can Look Inside Us
S01 E112
Becoming the World's Greatest DJs
S01 E113
Who Can Teach Their Dog a Trick the Fastest?
S01 E114
Middle School Science Experiment Teaches Us About Life and Death
S01 E115
DIY Chiropractor
S01 E116
Mark and Ethan Get Into a Fight
S01 E117
The Barrel
S01 E118
We Got Pepper Sprayed
S01 E119
We Give Each Other Tattoos Blindfolded
S01 E120
What Does Astrology Say About Our Friendship?
S01 E121
Mark and Ethan Get a Full Body Scan to See What Secrets Lay Hidden Within...
S01 E122
Mark Needs To Rub Ethan and Only His Mom Can Help Him
S01 E123
2 Idiots Get Crushed by 18-Foot Giant Snakes
S01 E124
Beer Sauna: Turning a Portable Sauna into a Portable Hell
S01 E125
Mark and Ethan Hunt The World's Most Wanted Criminals
S01 E126
Unus Annus Carves the Roast Beast
S01 E127
5 Weird Apps That Predicted Our Death
S01 E128
We Tried a Labor Pain Simulator
S01 E129
Recreating the Miracle of Childbirth
S01 E130
Mark and Ethan Are Now Fathers
S01 E131
We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course
S01 E132
Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces
S01 E133
Reddit 50/50: Two Player Edition
S01 E134
Going on an Internet Scavenger Hunt
S01 E135
Having an Adventure In VR Chat Because We Can't Go Outside
S01 E136
Amazon Shopping for the Apocalypse
S01 E137
Whom Would Eat Whomst First in a Zombie Apocalypse?
S01 E138
Ultimate YouTuber Boxing Showdown
S01 E139
The Deep End of Omegle: Risky Boogaloo
S01 E140
Where in the World is Unus Annus?
S01 E141
Mark Builds a Pillow Fort for the Very First Time
S01 E142
Mark's 1 Weird Talent Leaves Ethan Absolutely Speechless
S01 E143
Wikifeet: A Tale of 2 Tootsies
S01 E144
We Made Every YouTuber Battle in the Hunger Games
S01 E145
We Google Each Other to Find Our Darkest Forgotten Sins
S01 E146
We Played Mad Libs And Ran It Through Google Translate
S01 E147
Mark and Ethan Desperately Try and Name a Single State in the USA
S01 E148
Speed Reading 1000+ WPM to Gain a Complete Understanding of All Human Kno...
S01 E149
What is the Least Viewed Video on YouTube?
S01 E150
We Found Websites That The World Forgot About
S01 E151
The Scariest True Stories on the Internet
S01 E152
How to NOT be the Perfect Boyfriend
S01 E153
Mark and Ethan Find The Lost City of El Dorado
S01 E154
Mark and Ethan Bet Everything on a Wikipedia Race
S01 E155
The Creepiest Videos on Youtube
S01 E156
Help Us Break a YouTube World Record
S01 E157
2 Men 200 Accents
S01 E158
The Illuminati... Do They Really Exist?
S01 E159
Using Google Maps to Find The Lost City of Atlantis
S01 E160
Reading YOUR Scariest True Stories
S01 E161
Mark and Ethan Take a Personality Test
S01 E162
Will AI Soon Take Over Humanity As We Know It?
S01 E163
Running Internet Drama through Google Translate
S01 E164
The Secret Unus Annus No-Touchy-Touchy Hand Shake
S01 E165
Two Male Men Judge Female Women on Their Beauty
S01 E166
Bored? Press This Button.
S01 E167
Don't Go in the Ocean... Ever.
S01 E168
We Explore the Most MYSTERIOUS Mysteries of our Wildy Mysterious Mystery ...
S01 E169
We Looked at Unus Annus Memes
S01 E170
Is Mark a Masochist?
S01 E171
What the Hell is a Pink Trombone?
S01 E172
Professional Fetish Scientists Rank the Best/Worst Fetishes of 2020
S01 E173
Mark and Ethan Desperately Attempt to Feel Something
S01 E174
An A.I. Generates Our Worst Nightmare
S01 E175
Are Reptilian Humanoids Living Among us?
S01 E176
Like It or Not... This is What The New Human Looks Like
S01 E177
Eating Only Onions for 24 Hours: How Many Onions Does it Take to Kill a M...
S01 E178
Unus Annus ASMR
S01 E179
We Attempted to Create THICC Water
S01 E180
Making Our Own Gravestones to Prepare For Our Inevitable Demise
S01 E181
How Tall Can A Human Get?: An Impartial Review by 2 Average Height Men
S01 E182
Mark Teaches Ethan Korean
S01 E183
Bigfoot is Real and It Ate My Friend
S01 E184
The End of Unus Annus is Almost Here...
S01 E185
We Explore the Unus Annus Subreddit for Your Delicious Memes
S01 E186
How Big Can a Nuke Get?
S01 E187
How Much Caffeine Does It Take to Kill a Man?
S01 E188
Drinking Real THICC Water... How Bad Does It Taste?
S01 E189
We Played Strip Poker
S01 E190
Harnessing Our Yodeling Power to End The World As We Know It
S01 E191
Mark Cooks Blindfolded While Ethan Guides Him Through FaceTime
S01 E192
We Play the Newlywed Game While Consuming That Which Will Kill the Other
S01 E193
DIY Boob
S01 E194
We Have the Best Bellies on Youtube
S01 E195
The Unus Annus Confessional Booth
S01 E196
S01 E197
Only UNUS-es May Watch This Video
S01 E198
Only ANNUS-es May Watch This Video
S01 E199
Only Watch from 2:15 to 6:11 --- DO NOT WATCH ANY OTHER PART OF THIS VIDE...
S01 E200
DIY Wine
S01 E201
Tearing a Phone Book in Half with Our Huge Manly Muscles
S01 E202
2 Complete Amateurs Enter a Body Building Competition
S01 E203
BLACK LIVES MATTER. Resources and How You Can Help in the Description
S01 E204
Crushing Watermelons Betwixt Our Mighty Thighs
S01 E205
Morphing Our Bodies Into Superhero Poses
S01 E206
Reacting to Your Hilarious Green Screen Memes
S01 E207
Mark Teaches Ethan to Read with Hooked on Phonics
S01 E208
Ethan Roasts Mark for 15 Minutes Straight
S01 E209
There's Something Horribly Wrong with This Picture...
S01 E210
Attempting to Build IKEA Furniture Without Instructions
S01 E211
Mark and Ethan Become United States Citizens
S01 E212
We Made Fanart for Each Other
S01 E213
Our Fans Try to Scare Us with Their Homemade Creepypasta
S01 E214
Recreating Childhood Photos
S01 E215
Will We Break the Boards... Or Will They Break Us?
S01 E216
Finding the Most Cursed Image on the Internet
S01 E217
Learning to Cry on Command to Increase Our YouTube Views
S01 E218
Pee Sauna
S01 E219
Building IKEA's Hardest Piece of Furniture Without Instructions is Imposs...
S01 E220
Becoming One With the Horse
S01 E221
The Ultimate Paper Airplane Showdown
S01 E222
Creating Mark FISHbach
S01 E223
Learning How to Lock Pick (FBI Please Don't Watch)
S01 E224
The Most Dangerous Shave
S01 E225
Ethan Traps Mark's Soul in the Palm of his Hand
S01 E226
Bear Trapping 101: An Elegant Knot For An Elegant Beast
S01 E227
2 Men In a Trench Coat Teach You How to Save Money at the Movies
S01 E228
Building the World's First IKEA Boat
S01 E229
Ethan Teaches Mark How to Swim
S01 E230
10 Miracle Products to Give YOU the Thiccest Jaw on Planet Earth
S01 E231
2 Dirty Boys Wash Their Filthy Mouths Out With Soap
S01 E232
Mark is Guilty. Ethan Has the Proof.
S01 E233
Recreating Mark's Childhood
S01 E234
We Put an Apple Watch in a Rock Tumbler
S01 E235
Dummy THICC for Dummies | A Tale of 2 Butts | Pushing Our Butts Even Furt...
S01 E236
Reverse Engineering a Kite to Steal the Idea of Electricity From Benjamin...
S01 E237
The Candy Bra Challenge
S01 E238
Mark and Ethan Look at a Puppy for 10 Minutes
S01 E239
Unus Annus Try Pole Dancing
S01 E240
This Is Hiding On Your Body RIGHT NOW.
S01 E241
Tasting Weird Food Combos: Pickles and Chocolate? Ice Cream and Soy Sauce...
S01 E242
The Unus Annus Space Program
S01 E243
The Egg Smashing Game
S01 E244
Can You Bake a Cookie from Cookie Dough Ice Cream?
S01 E245
Bleachus Annus
S01 E246
Dunking Oreos In Literally Anything But Milk
S01 E247
Preparing a 5-Star Meal for Our Youtube Famous Dogs
S01 E248
S01 E249
How to Escape from a Hostage Situation
S01 E250
Does This Magnetic Skincare Routine Really Work?
S01 E251
S01 E252
The Human Mop
S01 E253
Can Sound Therapy Heal All Wounds?
S01 E254
This Is The Most Dangerous Children's Toy Ever Made
S01 E255
Would Chica Save Us From Drowning?
S01 E256
We Do It Better Than Icarus Ever Could
S01 E257
The Beginning of The End
S01 E258
The Annual Unus Annus Dunk Contest
S01 E259
Ultimate Horseshoes
S01 E260
A Serious Conversation Under the Stars
S01 E261
Recharging Our Phones Using Only Brute Strength
S01 E262
5 Products to Grow Your Patchy Beard
S01 E263
Mark Teaches Ethan How to Play the Trumpet
S01 E264
Playing Cards: The World's Deadliest Weapon
S01 E265
We Lubed Our Floor for a Sliding Competition
S01 E266
Breaking Glass With Our Screams
S01 E267
This is Goodbye
S01 E268
Mark and Ethan Share a Drink
S01 E269
The Wubble
S01 E270
Mark and Ethan Shave Chica
S01 E271
S01 E272
Judging Your Terrible Unus Annus Ideas
S01 E273
Hydro Dipping A Baby
S01 E274
Popping Popcorn with a High-Powered Laser
S01 E275
Puberty Simulator
S01 E276
Grip Strength Test: Loser Becomes the Winner's Butler for a Day
S01 E277
Momiplier Teaches Self-Defense
S01 E278
Transforming Mark into the 8th Wonder of the World
S01 E279
Playing Children’s Games in Total Darkness
S01 E280
We’re Better Than Dogs
S01 E281
The Koala Challenge: TikTok’s Intimate Couple’s Trend
S01 E282
1 Gallon of Jello Nearly Broke Us
S01 E283
Too Many Pickles
S01 E284
Pitching a Tent in the Woods But There's a Bear 15 Feet Away
S01 E285
How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree
S01 E286
A Bear Attacked Us in the Middle of the Night
S01 E287
How to Safely Bury Your Friend
S01 E288
Team Building for 2: Trust Fall, Tug-of-War, and More!
S01 E289
How to Start a Fire (except don't...)
S01 E290
Mark's Outdoor Escape Room
S01 E291
Hunting HeeHoo
S01 E292
Was 2020 a Bad Year for Unus Annus?
S01 E293
Mark Gives Ethan a HOT (stone) Massage
S01 E294
We Smell Every Smell
S01 E295
How Many Slaps Does It Take to Cook a Chicken?
S01 E296
2 Boys 2 Poops
S01 E297
Mark Teaches Ethan How to March in a Marching Band
S01 E298
We Finally Drank Our DIY Wine
S01 E299
2 Adults Take a 4th Grade Math Test
S01 E300
Making Snow Cones With Literally Anything But Normal Flavors
S01 E301
We Attempt Pottery Without Amy's Help
S01 E302
Can Plants Feel Pain?
S01 E303
How Far Can We Chuck a 16lbs Rock?
S01 E304
We Pierced Each Other’s Ears
S01 E305
We Ate Dog Treats So You Don't Have To
S01 E306
We Accidentally Made an SCP While Amy Was Away
S01 E307
S01 E308
Making the Ultimate Unus Annus Burger
S01 E309
Making Soda With Literally Anything But Soda
S01 E310
Pee Soda
S01 E311
Learning to Use The Force
S01 E312
Brick Soccer
S01 E313
We Attempt to Make Holy Water
S01 E314
Amy Sent Us a Mystery Box
S01 E315
Mark Knows What Ethan Did...
S01 E316
This Video Will Never Make Sense
S01 E317
We Attempt to Make UNHOLY Water
S01 E318
We Will Churn Thy Butter
S01 E319
Ethan Teaches Mark Gymnastics
S01 E320
The Great Ice Cream Cake Race
S01 E321
Mark Teaches Ethan to Wrestle
S01 E322
Ethan Watches as Mark Achieves the Impossible
S01 E323
Consuming the World's Hottest Chip
S01 E324
This Video Went Completely Out of Control
S01 E325
The 1000 High Five Challenge
S01 E326
Bobbing For Apples But the Water Keeps Getting Thiccer
S01 E327
Mark Breaks His Nose On An Aerial Hoop
S01 E328
Mark and Ethan Milk a Goat
S01 E329
Shooting Archery ON A HORSE
S01 E330
DIY Minesweeper
S01 E331
Literally Finding a Needle in a Haystack
S01 E332
Drawing on Each Other's Backs in Total Darkness
S01 E333
This is For FUN and NOT a Fetish
S01 E334
Mark Conquers His Fear of Night Swimming
S01 E335
The Painful World of Aerial Silks
S01 E336
We Bought Every Grinch Costume on Ebay
S01 E337
Pumpkin Taste Tier List
S01 E338
Learn to Jump Higher in 16 Minutes and 16 Seconds
S01 E339
Bobbing For Literally Anything But Apples
S01 E340
This Video is Completely Unedited
S01 E341
Momiplier Tells Us True Scary Stories from Korea
S01 E342
Pumpkin Spice “Challenge”
S01 E343
Mark and Ethan Build a Scarecrow
S01 E344
Pressure Washing Our Sins Away
S01 E345
We Force Mark to Swim in the Ocean (HIS GREATEST FEAR)
S01 E346
Fighting Fish to the Death in the Deep Blue Sea
S01 E347
Cryptid Olympics
S01 E348
Phasmophobia in Real Life
S01 E349
Edward Pumpkin Hands
S01 E350
Blood Bath
S01 E351
The Unus Annus Annual Costume Contest
S01 E352
Ethan Turns Mark into a Werewolf
S01 E353
Ethan Kidnapped Mark
S01 E354
The Truth of Unus Annus
S01 E355
Accepting the Truth
S01 E356
The Unus Annus Last Supper
S01 E357
Being Brutally Honest with Each Other
S01 E358
Recreating Every Single Unus Annus Video
S01 E359
All Our Video Ideas That Never Happened
S01 E360
Who’s Cutting Onions In Here???
S01 E361
The 1st Annual Unus Annus Roast
S01 E362
God's Fitness Test
S01 E363
Saying Goodbye to All Our Guests
S01 E364
Everything's Legal If You're Dead
S01 E365
7 Minutes in Heaven | 7 Minutes in Hell
S01 E366
The Unus Annus Annual Sleepover
S01 E367
Серия 1
This Will End in One Year
Серия 2
This Video Will Be Deleted in 1 Day
Серия 3
The End is Here...
Серия 4
The End of Unus Annus
Серия 5
Unus Annus - Post Mortem
Серия 6
Subscribe to Norbert Moses.
Серия 7
Unus Annus Memes
Серия 8
What It Was Like To Edit For Unus Annus
Серия 9
Traversing the Desert to Find Our Inner Truth
Серия 10
Memento Mori
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