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Стань пользователем
The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop

2017 - Сейчас  •  Среда 23:00 мск. на BBC One  •   92 часов
2 голоса
727 голоса
# 827
Документальное, Риалити шоу, По интересам, Дом и уют
An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country.
  Последняя вышедшая серия
Homemade Radio Вышла 11/25/2020
Homemade Radio
Сезон 6: Серия 8
  Следующая серия
Выйдет в Ср. 12/02/2020
Wedding Ring
Сезон 6: Серия 9
The Repair Shop | Welcome to The Repair Shop
Сезон 1 2 3 4 5 6
Сезон 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
Vintage Telephone
S01 E03
Dr. Who Daleks
S01 E04
Victorian Gnome
S01 E05
Italian Chair
S01 E06
Ceramic Plaque
S01 E07
Village Clock
S01 E08
Wurlitzer Jukebox
S01 E09
Grandfather Clock
S01 E10
Ceramic Bulldog
S01 E11
1970s Bowl
S01 E12
S01 E13
Museum Sign
S01 E14
Pinball Machine
S01 E15
Toy Boat
Сезон 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
Toy Steam Roller
S02 E03
S02 E04
Music Box
S02 E05
Antique Pipe
S02 E06
Rosewood Table
S02 E07
Dennis Fire Engine
S02 E08
Shoe Stretching Machine
S02 E09
Boulle-Work Clock
S02 E10
Ceremonial Helmet
S02 E11
S02 E12
Victorian Lamp
S02 E13
Caputo Painting
S02 E14
Majolica Vase
S02 E15
Silver Mirror
Сезон 3
S03 E01
Pocket Watch
S03 E02
Walking Stick
S03 E03
Music Box
S03 E04
S03 E05
Japanese Portrait
S03 E06
Art Deco Lamp
S03 E07
Teddy Bear
S03 E08
Wall Clock
S03 E09
Landscape Painting
S03 E10
Pendulum Clock
S03 E11
Pilot's Bomber Jacket
S03 E12
Rocking Horse
S03 E13
Hercules Statue
S03 E14
Royal Doulton Figurine
S03 E15
Military Chest
Сезон 4
S04 E01
Skeleton Clock
S04 E02
Weather Vane
S04 E03
Doll's House
S04 E04
Whisky Barrel
S04 E05
Music Box
S04 E06
Pinball Machine
S04 E07
Penny-Farthing Bicycle
S04 E08
African Painting
S04 E09
Theatre Chair
S04 E10
Spinning Wheel
S04 E11
One Armed Bandit
S04 E12
Barber's Chair
S04 E13
Model Spitfire
S04 E14
Ventriloquist's Dummy
S04 E15
Carousel Horse
S04 E16
Grandfather Clock
S04 E17
S04 E18
Bass Guitar
S04 E19
Quirky Train Set
S04 E20
Vintage Fountain Pen
S04 E21
Miner's Lamp
S04 E22
Old Go Kart
S04 E23
S04 E24
Victorian Kaleidoscope
S04 E25
Victorian Firefighter's Helmet
S04 E26
Horse Racing Game
S04 E27
S04 E28
Toy Pedal Car
S04 E29
Clockwork Tractor
S04 E30
Magic Trick
Сезон 5
S05 E01
Vintage Car Speedometer
S05 E02
RAF Mascot Teddy Bear
S05 E03
Military Drum
S05 E04
Sea Serpent Pen Holder
S05 E05
Boxing Gloves
S05 E06
Wind-up Panda
S05 E07
Wooden Desk
S05 E08
Collectible See-Saw
S05 E09
Wooden Trunk
S05 E10
Ship's Wheel
S05 E11
Teddy Bear
S05 E12
Antique Bridal
S05 E13
Vintage Bottle Stopper
S05 E14
Smuggler's Telescope
S05 E15
Toy Cannon
S05 E16
Homemade Telescope
S05 E17
Iraqi Hot Water Urn
S05 E18
Fire Bucket
S05 E19
Homemade Gramophone
S05 E20
Tape-Recording Machine
S05 E21
Shopkeeper's Scales
S05 E22
Bus Conductor’s Ticket Machine
S05 E23
Writing Bureau
S05 E24
Art Deco Clock
S05 E25
Investiture Chair
S05 E26
Wooden Trunk
S05 E27
Rugby Trophy
S05 E28
Wooden Toolbox
S05 E29
Surveyor's Theodolite
S05 E30
Military Chess Set
S05 E31
Tired Teddy Bear
S05 E32
S05 E33
Wall Clock
S05 E34
Silver Vanity Set
S05 E35
Brass Shop Till
S05 E36
S05 E37
18th-Century French Clock
S05 E38
Victorian Railway Lamp
S05 E39
Oil Lamp
S05 E40
Сезон 6
S06 E01
RAF Bomber Pilot's Hat
S06 E02
Jukebox Rejuvenation
S06 E03
Leather Chair
S06 E04
Toy Bus
S06 E05
Wind-up Bird Cage
S06 E06
Miniature Bike
S06 E07
Wartime Dolly
S06 E08
Homemade Radio
S06 E09
Wedding Ring
S06 E10
Episode 10
S06 E11
Episode 11
S06 E12
Episode 12
Серия 1
Серия 2
... At Christmas
Серия 3
The Repair Shop at Christmas
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