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Стань пользователем
Хадсон и Рекс

Хадсон и Рекс

Hudson & Rex

2019 - Сейчас  •  Среда 03:00 мск. на City  •  48 часов  •  64 episodes
12 голоса
2012 голоса
# 6535
Экшн, Драма, Криминал, Мистика
Действие разворачивается в небольшом канадском городке Сент-Джон вокруг опытного детектива Чарли Хадсона и его напарника Рекса. Рекс — немецкая овчарка с развитыми ... More
  Последняя вышедшая серия
Dog Days are Over Вышла 04/20/2022
Dog Days are Over
Сезон 4: Серия 16
Хадсон и Рекс | Hudson & Rex | New Drama Series on Citytv
Сезон 1 2 3 4
Сезон 1
S01 E01
The Hunt
S01 E02
Fearless Freaks
S01 E03
Haunted by the Past
S01 E04
School Daze
S01 E05
The Pet Sitter
S01 E06
Murder, She Thought
S01 E07
Trial and Error
S01 E08
Fast Eddie's
S01 E09
The Mourning Show
S01 E10
Art of Darkness
S01 E11
Bad Water Rising
S01 E12
A Cult Education
S01 E13
The Rex Files
Сезон 2
S02 E01
A Man Of Consequences
S02 E02
Over Ice
S02 E03
Blind Justice
S02 E04
Strangers in the Night
S02 E05
Dead Man Walking
S02 E06
Under the Influencer
S02 E07
The Woods Have Eyes
S02 E08
Game of Bones
S02 E09
Bullet in the Water
S02 E10
The French Connection
S02 E11
Rex Machina
S02 E12
Rex and the City
S02 E13
In Pod We Trust
S02 E14
Tunnel Vision
S02 E15
Finger Foodie
S02 E16
Flare of the Dog
S02 E17
The Graveyard Shift
S02 E18
Old Dog New Trick
S02 E19
In a Family Way
Сезон 3
S03 E01
Origin Story
S03 E02
S03 E03
Into the Wild
S03 E04
Under Pressure
S03 E05
Prescription Rex
S03 E06
Endless Summer
S03 E07
All in the Litter
S03 E08
Sleeping Beauty
S03 E09
Grave Matters
S03 E10
Fanning the Flames
S03 E11
Blood on the Tracks
S03 E12
Top Dog
S03 E13
Mansion on a Hill
S03 E14
The Secret Life of Levi
S03 E15
Seeing is Deceiving
S03 E16
The Art of the Steal
Сезон 4
S04 E01
Sid and Nancy
S04 E02
Oops I Bit It Again
S04 E03
Rex Marks the Spot
S04 E04
Leader of the Pack
S04 E05
Rex to Riches
S04 E06
Dead Man's Bridge
S04 E07
A Stab in the Dark Web
S04 E08
Sudden Death
S04 E09
Impawster Syndrome
S04 E10
Blood & Diamonds
S04 E11
Capital Punishment
S04 E12
No Man Is an Island
S04 E13
Roses of Signal Hill
S04 E14
Roll the Bones
S04 E15
Nightmare on Water St.
S04 E16
Dog Days are Over
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English only please.  Home rules.

Have enjoyed this show since the beginning, the dog detective has been done before, but this is charming and relatable. The two key human characters - Det. Hudson and Sarah - work well together, though the rest of the regular cast are often irritating. The first three seasons are strong, but season 4 leads me to believe the writers are running out of steam. Like the fact that Mayko Nguyen’s character (Sarah) has been given an increased scope. She is a fine actress and her involvement helps mitigate the plot slide and provides more balance having a second human in the field.

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